English as a Second Language

I met a man yesterday who is 80. He was a teacher. Now he has a small ministry (150 people) that connects retired teachers with opportunities to take education and training to under developed countries. His youngest "employee" is 55. They all fund their own travel and do it as a labor of love. They are Christians.

Amazing. He may be my hero of the month. I met him in Yavatmal India where he and two others are going to help train teachers to teach English.

By the way. English is THE language and will be until Jesus comes again. Worldwide people are desperate to learn it. It is part of the ticket out of poverty. And part of God's plan I think to use us to minister around the world.

So, if you can read this...which you are...think about going now to teach English as a ministry, or for those of you who are post getting a paycheck or needing one...think about going.