Call to prayer and worship

I thought I was still dreaming. It was around 5:30 in the morning and dogs started barking. In between the barking I thought I heard a voice calling out. I did, "Allahu Akbar!!" Then again. Dogs barking amidst the call to prayer.

I was in Yavatmal India where we have helped establish a ministry. Almost ten years we have been there, but it has been a while since I visited. The Muslims established a mosque a few years ago. India now has almost 175 million Muslims calling it home.

As I woke up I thought, as I have before, "They are right." God is great and prayer is better than sleep. So I prayed to the great God. The One who came for us. The One who will give us a new heaven and earth one day. The one for whom there are no territorial bounds. No one will encroach on His land and all will cry out, "Jesus is Lord" without ceasing.

In the mean time perhaps we should have a call to prayer. The monks do, the Muslims do. Perhaps we should pray more often and at regular intervals. I do understand "pray without ceasing" I just never live up to it. So maybe 3 times a day would be good corporately. Family devotions, lunch with workmates and just before you punch the clock to leave? Something to think about.

Prayer is better than sleep. Would you join me today and pray for the church in India? That it would love and serve well those created in God's image. Worshipwell.