She was hungry

I had the pleasure of baptising three people last night. Right before we came to the Lord's Table. Our church believes you should not come to the table until you are baptised. Exodus 12 can give you the details. I did not get to know the three before the service, so I did not know all of their stories.

As I baptised, though, I recalled my own first communion. It was a big event. Much preparation and a great ceremony. To be able to come to the table.

After the service I ran into one of the people I had baptised. We chatted about the Exodus passage. She said she had not taken the table before and she was so excited about getting baptised so she could.

Tradition. Dogma? History. There is much to be said for sacraments and ceremonies. As I sit here tonight I think we should think about only baptising before the table. It is such a wonderful picture for those who are in Christ and those who are not.

She was hungry. She was an alien, but became a community member and we gave her a place at the table. He gave her a place at His table.