He wants a drink

I am sure you have heard stories of alcoholics. People who were in recovery, but wanted a drink so bad, it almost drove them crazy. They become obsessed with the bottle and the liquid it contains. They could not get their minds off of it. Some just could not control it anymore and they took the drink.

Imagine, wanting to take a cup in your hand and drink. You have not had this cup or this drink for a long time, but you remember what it tastes like and you know what it will mean when you do drink it. But, something tells you to abstain.

I served communion the other night. As I led those present to the cup, I thought, "Jesus is abstaining." He said He would not drink the cup until "...that day when I drink it anew with you in my Father's kingdom." Did He mean just until the disciples died and went to heaven? I think not. I think He meant until the consummation of all things when the feast is spread with all of us present. Then He will raise the cup and we will drink together.

He wants the cup. I think He wants a drink so bad. But He more wants people to come into the kingdom, for the table to get a bit more full, for all the seats to be taken. So He abstains, even though He is "anxious" to take.

O that we would be that anxious! Wanting that drink so bad. Longing for it, obsessing about it, seeing everything in light of it. To drink with the Lord in His Father's kingdom. Worship well.