Aliens At Our Table

Tonight we will come to His table, because Jesus invited us, but before we do, we will add to our number so they can come too.

Just after the Passover is instituted in Exodus, rules are put in place about who can take it. Foreigners and aliens were not permitted. Only those who had been circumcised. Only those who had joined the community could come to the table, those who believed and received the sign of the covenant.

Jesus is the fulfillment of the Passover and He, on the night He was betrayed, reveals that it is His table. Same rules apply, but the sign is changed because there is no more shedding of blood. It is water.

So tonight we will add to our community four believers who will receive the sign and then be able to take the table. It is very exciting to continue the work that was started with Moses. That is our history. That is His table. That is our sign.

Wherever you worship, I encourage you to ask questions about baptism and the Lord's supper. Thinking about them and entering in to them deepens our faith as they both point to Him and to us when we partake as a family. Worship Well.