I had to admit they were right. I was obsessed. I could not stop and when I did it was on my mind often. Just a quick glance out the window when I thought no one was looking. I had to go and do it again.

Of course I am taking about blowing, raking and bagging leaves in my yard. They came down and I eliminated them. Then again. Then it rained and my neighbor's leaves blew in my yard. All I was looking for was completion I think. So I went out again. Must be a guy thing, although I would imagine there is a girl equivalent.

The girls in my house started giving me a hard time, whenever they would walk in the house, "Dad! Dad! I saw a leaf fall! It is on the driveway!"

Well, soon they will be gone. But as I have reflected I thought, "Oh that I would be obsessed to eradicate sin in my life like that!" See it, and go out and get after it by the power of the Spirit. Or have a daughter or friend to identify more of it and help you clean it up.

By the way, I did not get any help with the leaves, not that I minded. Sometimes you need to clean it up by yourself.