Stood Up

I was supposed to meet a man this morning. He stood me up. I have done that before. Stood people up. So I found myself with some time on my hands. Of course in the midst of a busy life there is always something to do with a "free" hour. Read, check emails, knock something else off my to do list.

The hard part is doing a make up. Schedules are so busy for so many people that it is hard to re-adjust to re-connect.

He has a long list of things to do too. If you don't meet with Him, if you stand Him up, He can "fill the time" with something else. Mysteriously, He could have met with you and accomplished other tasks, like holding the world together. He is never too busy.

The hard part is the make up. For you, (or me) it is time lost with Him. Time that would have been helpful. We will have to do without for now, for today maybe. But there is always tomorrow. He can make room in His schedule. He won't stand us up. Blessings