Thanks for the reminder

Steve Brown was with us this weekend and preached a message called Church R Us. You can hear him on the podcast on itunes if you missed. I heard it three times, as I was the producer for the service and I think I got it.

We need to love one another. Even Christians who are different from us. We all need to give one another liberty to have convictions. And we can keep the ones we have. We don't have to agree, but we must love. If we do, the world might notice and be attracted.

Simply said. Perhaps for all of us this would be a good week for confession and application. I have poked a bit of fun at those who are not like me theologically. I am sorry. I am thinking I can become more of a learner and appreciate the diversity in the body in the midst of unity in Christ.

So thanks Steve. I love you and glad we could do lunch!