Love, Loyalty and Cheese

Many know I love the Packers. (Green Bay). I was born in Wisconsin and knew the legend of Lombardi. If there was a fire in my house, my wife would grab the pictures and kids and I would go for the football I have autographed by Bart Starr. This year The Pack is back.

But, even if The Pack was not back, I still would still enjoy watching the Packers and cheer for them. Even when they are losers.

That is called loyalty. Commitment. Stick with the one you love no matter what. Now take that thought and apply it horizontally and vertically. Vertically: God is loyal to you, even when you are a loser. That is big.

Horizontally: If you are married, your call is to be loyal to your spouse, even if they are a loser. Your family, your friends, your church too. I know the exceptions. Adultery, abandonment. I am not speaking to those areas. I am speaking of day to day loyalty today. It is so easy for us to switch sides, give up and walk away in the day of the remote control. Change the channel.

So, I encourage us to stick with them today. And we will see how the Packers do a week from Thursday against the Cowboys. Win or lose, I will still love them.

Last point, my friend Aaron, who is a rabid Steelers fan, bought me a cheesehead when he was in Milwaukee a few months back. A Steelers fan carried a cheesehead on the plane, for his friend. That is loyalty that transcends. Maybe we will see them in the Super Bowl.