In concert

Contrary to popular urban legend, I never saw the Beatles in concert. I did see some great bands, but not them. (Of course now I get to hang out often with Rock and Roll hall of fame drummers and other former rock n' roll greats but, that is not the subject of this blog.)

I can tell you that seeing a great band in concert, or a great musical (Les Mis) live on stage is memorable. I mean etched in your memory.

I imagine you can close your eyes and get a picture of the stage, the band, the crowd, the music and the moment that moved your soul from a live event you attended. Josh Groban "appearing" in the middle of the crowd singing in Italian? Bono on that oval shaped stage with the bandanna on, belting out "Vertigo?" Patti Lupone singing "I Dreamed a Dream"? Celtic women rendering "Danny Boy"? Stevie Wonder introducing "Superstitious"? Procol Harem, Eagles, the Stones? Amazing moments.

Live in concert. It is different from having the CD, or reading about the show. It is live and it is real. No substitutes for that.

So, you can read your bible today, listen to some worship music, pray a bit and even have a time of fellowship with friends. Good stuff. Better maybe to see if you can go see Him live.He is playing in many different venues. Live:

When you rake your neighbors leaves. When you have coffee with a troubled woman. When you give. When you look up at His autumn sky, with His wind blowing in your face. When you do unto others, you see Him live. No substitute.

No ticket scalping here. Just go freely, and worship well.