Discipleship. I am blessed to be part of a men's discipleship group. We met last night and it was great. A little scripture memory, the truth of the word, some equipping on how to live like a Christian and how to be sweet to the non believing world and a shot of prayer. Recipe for a good night's sleep. (No, I am not going to challenge you to get in a group......)

We had some healthy discussion. It is ok for men to be "in process" on an issue. There need be no rush to prove a point. In fact, the further along I go in life, the more I realize that some points are not provable. There are some basic truths though, that give a solid foundation to our lives, and I find that they need to be re-visited often. As some one once said, "We leak." So we need to revisit the basics, we need to remember. And maybe as part of the process we need to say it out loud. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi.

The man Jesus is a real historical figure.
He lived a perfect life
He said he was God
He said He needed to suffer the wrath of the Father for our sins.
He did, even to the point of physical death.
He rose from the grave, in proof
He ascended into heaven and He promises to come again
He, through the work of the Holy Spirit, is building the church (those who believe)
People that He is doing a work in are changed

Stuff like that. And I really do find it helps to say it our loud, even with others. Want to join me?

And to teach it to your kids too, if you have any. To memorize it. Write it on your forehead so to speak. Worship Well.