The Colors of Christmas

It is fine to admit that you are thinking post Thanksgiving. Yes, the decorations need to be taken out of the attic on Friday and hung up. Yes, you need to draw names, if you do that sort of thing, so you know who to buy presents for during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. And yes, a Christmas letter does need to be written to friends and family in far off places. Much to do.

As we head in to the season, I wonder if we might give some thought to the colors of Christmas? What will they bring to mind?

White - Bing was hopeful as he dreamed of this. There is a beauty in fresh, new snow on the ground. It reminds us of something pure and right.

Blue - For some, Elvis was right. It will be a blue Christmas without a loved one who has been lost to death or divorce. How might we see their pain and bless them?

Green - Maybe a color of Christmas could be green. How many trips to the mall will we need in our gas guzzling cars? How much wrapping paper do we need, instead of re-usable bags? How "warm" does our house need to be?

Black - Not just coal. For some people it is the worst time of the year. The darkest depression takes over. How might we see this color and comfort them?

Red - Perhaps it could remind us of the end of the earthly part of the story when we see it. A glimpse of this color could call to mind what it is about. How will we apply it to the doorposts of our hearts and home?

The colors of Christmas. Given by Him to help us worship Him well and minister to others.