Come Early Enter In

It starts this weekend. Advent. For those of you in Atlanta, we encourage you to come early. We have a special gift for the first few thousand. Welcome to Advent 2007 AD.

For some, it is new. This time of lighting candles and singing "O Come O Come Emmanuel." For others, it is ordinary. You have done it for a long time and it is "usual and customary." For all of us, this weekend is a good time to "enter in" and to shake off the "adult" in us to become again as children. We will all end up in Bethlehem in a few weeks.

So would you prepare your heart to enter in:

-To the mystery of the incarnation
-To the celebration of the Gift
-To the hope of those who wait for the return of the king
-To the joy of Jesus

Welcome to Advent 2007