It did not help, or did it?

We went to a Chamblee High football game last night. They are in the playoffs. Lucky me, the lady right behind me had a strong vocal presence. "Hit 'em!" "Get to the middle!!" "DEEE-FENCE!!"

All night long. At first, being the introvert I am, I must say it was irritating. As the game went on though, I got into it. The score was very close until the last quarter and it was exciting. As she kept on yelling, I figured out two things:

1. It did not make a real difference to the players. They weren't listening to her. I am sure crowd noise does have an overall effect, but not specific instructions yelled like, "Tackle that guy!!"

2. It made a difference to me. Her enthusiasm was contagious, even to an introvert. As the game moved to the climax, we engaged in a bit of conversation. "THAT was not a good play!" and "What we need is a touchdown!" And yes, I found myself standing and cheering and yelling a bit myself.

I think we need people like that in our lives. Those who encourage. Those who are different from us. Those who care passionately about something. Perhaps some will be at church this weekend. Not singing inappropriately mind you, because loud is not necessarily good, but singing with passion. Maybe you need someone behind you like I did to help you join in the chorus.

Together we will praise the One who is worthy.