Down to mystery

Don't ask how it happened. I am not sure I could tell you. Last night in my discipleship group we got down to mystery. We had alot of questions at the end of the night. Young men, and an older, plumbing the depths of scripture and finding out in some cases there is no bottom, at least not in this life.

Issues like the sovereignty of God and the duty of man. The decrees of God and the free will of man. The righteousness of Christ imputed and assurance of salvation. The moral and ceremonial law.

Great topics for us to wrestle with. And not a waste of time. As I mentioned to the group, our other choice could be to read USA Today. That is easily understandable.

So I encourage you to go deep. Not always and perhaps not often. Our group tends to be a little "geeky" (I say that with affection, we are not just geeks, and the guys, in any case, are good looking, Godly geeks). Plumb the depths and when your feet can't find the floor, you can say something like, "O the depth of the riches of Christ. How unsearchable. How unfathomable!"

We need a God like that. And by the way, it is fine to read USA Today....after you read your bible. Blessings.