Wine and Bread

For Presbyterians in the south it is grape juice and crackers in a plastic cup passed along a row. Almost always. Tonight we are splurging and putting our grape juice in chalices and dipping wafers in it as we come forward.

Communion, the Eucharist, the Lord's Table. It is called different names by different communities. A memorial, consubstantiation, transubstantiation, spiritual presence. People believe different things about what happens. Calvin says it is a mystery. Donne says whatever the Word makes it, he believes and takes it. Debates, arguments even have ensued over The Table. Who can take it, how often should it be taken, how old do you have to be and where do you have to be to take it. Questions abound.

So where do you stand? Have you given it much thought and why would it be important to meditate on it? Wine or juice? Sorry, more questions.

Here is a snippet of what I think: Take it every chance you get. It is a means of grace. Look for a church that gives it the weight it deserves. Prepare your heart before you come. Reflect past the night He was betrayed to Genesis and past today, to your death. It is bigger than one night. It is the heart of the gospel.