G.K. again

I read a Philip Yancey article the other day and he quoted the man, (Chesterton)

"It is always simple to fall; there is an infinity of angles at which one falls, but only one at which one stands."

I thought how true. The article was about balance and a caution to not be too austere or too opulent. I think as American Evangelicals, there are alot of ways we can fall: sex, comfort, personal peace, education, leisure, travel and money. We are wealthy. Even the poorest of us is wealthy.

So, what are we to do? Remember how we stand and by whom. The one who has all wealth and yet became poor for our sakes. We stand on Him as our rock, our shepherd and our guide. We are called to follow his heart and give as an investment in His kingdom for our joy.

We are also called to enjoy Him and the world He created for us. And we are called to be circumspect, less we not see the ways we can fall. Check the peripheral vision. Something to think about, perhaps.