They Came Streaming

They came streaming. I had the pleasure of serving communion yesterday with Bert and then Eddie. Once I held the cup and once the bread. Body of Christ given. Blood of Christ shed.

They came streaming down the aisle. People who were saying, "I am still a sinner, I still need Jesus." Tall, short, old, young. Some with parents who gently guarded them from the table. Some somber, some smiling.

I knew some of them. A couple with a healthy marriage, a new convert, a man I had discipled who I not seen for a long time, a newly married couple, a woman on the edge of divorce. Some wept as they walked. I don't know why. They wept. It was a visible picture of community.

I continued my work. One after the other after the other. Blessing people gently through words as I gave them the Eucharist. All of a sudden, it hit me, "Body of Christ, given for you." They came streaming. I choked up a bit, quickly pulled myself together in time for the next in line. "Body of Christ, given for you." They came streaming. I was speechless. Body of Christ given for me.