The Doctor

Well I went to the doctor this morning. Routine. They will do some blood work, check my cholesterol and blood sugar etc. They also gave me the once over: Blood pressure, weight, temperature, body check. All seems to be ok. Of course I could get cancer tomorrow, or have a heart attack or have one of numerous other "body malfunctions." You never know.

You never know. This week I met with a woman whose husband wants out, a couple who want to have kids, a man who is struggling with connecting with anyone. If you saw any of them walking down the street, you wouldn't know.

So what are we called to know? Not as much as we would like. We are called to believe in Him. Part of that entails going to a "doctor" for a check up from time to time. That way when God chooses to permit us to see visible signs of a problem we can work to remedy it.

Lipitor for cholesterol perhaps, infertility specialist for couples, counseling for marriages. None of those are guaranteed to work though. In fact they only will if God wills them to. So I am remembering today that God knows and ordains and plans and we are called to believe more and seek the one who knows all.