I almost made it

Jill and I (along with Luke and Drew) recorded the Advent Experience today. Thanks for praying. It is hard when you record to think about how it will all sound when it is put together. We pray it will be helpful. I can say it already was to one person:me.

I was almost done as I spoke these words, "He will come again..." and I wept. I tried it again, "He will come again..." and I choked up. Again, "He will come again..."

They are easy words. Only one of them has multiple syllables. It was not the difficulty of the words, it was the meaning of the words. It just hit me. He will come and I long for Him even now. I yearn, I ache, I weep because He has not yet come. How long O Lord will we have to wait?

I finally got the sentence out with some sense of coherency. I am sure Drew will make it sound good. I wonder if you might join me in saying it aloud, almost as a proclamation, "He will come again..."

By the way, when He (Jesus not Drew) does (come), His name, in its fullest understanding will be: Emmanuel, God with us.

In the mean time we can share this with those we love:

Lo in the silent night,
The Son of God is born,
And all is now made right,
That once was lost, forlorn.

Could but your soul o man,
Become a silent night?
He would then be born in thee,
And set your heart aright.