Yes, I know it is October, but we are starting to think of Advent. That is the period in the church calendar that comes just before Christmas. Four weeks of waiting and preparing and getting ready for Christmas and even more so the second coming of Christ.

We plan to record another Experience CD, which is why it is on my mind. When you record a CD, you need to know the "flow" of where it is going, kind of a beginning, middle and end. So I am praying and thinking:

1. The Fall, and God's sweetness in making a promise
2. The Foretelling and God's perseverance with His people
3. The Four Hundred years of silence
4. The Fulfillment started in the person and work of Jesus and continuing until He comes again.

Advent has alot of tradition wrapped up in it and we are thinking about how we can help people see both the tradition and at the same time get a glimpse of the fact that they are in the story and the story continues. So, I want to ask you to pray for us as we begin to record tomorrow. Our hope is to be a help during December to those who are in need of a reminder (all of us) He came and He will come again.