My Backstroke

From time to time I am blessed to be able to squeeze out an hour or so for "long thoughts." Today I was able to gather a small group and begin to dream about worship in the future.

To set the stage, imagine it is 1956 and you are the "Minister of Music" at the local church. Would it be a good idea for you to sit down and think about how people might receive the gospel and be able to enter in to worship in 1960 or 1970?

Times change, and we are called as the church to reach the sheep of this fold, (generation) while ministering to all. The first step may be found with my old friend Bob Dylan:

"Admit that the waters around you have grown,
And accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone,
If your time to you is worth saving ,
Then you'd better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone,
For the times, they are a changing"

We will get wet, no doubt about that. Our call is to swim, and to teach others to swim at the same time. Even more, I think we need to decide if our "time is worth saving." That is a big question for us who love leisure, sports and a nice lifestyle. To save our time may require that we learn where the new undercurrent is, where the sharp rocks are in the water, what is beyond the next bend in the river and where the sandy bank is.

We are called to be those who are not above culture but transformers of it by the power of Christ. I am thinking the way we worship will be helpful to that. So, some questions for you and me to ponder (no reply needed)(with the assumption we will not stray from the whole gospel)

1. What do we need to do more of to minister to believers in the area of worship on the weekend?

2. What can we do differently to connect with those under 30? (those born in 1980 or later)

3. How can we help our members worship during the week, not just on Sunday?

4. Should we do communion more often?

5. Should we have a shorter or longer service?

6. Should we offer a place for prayer and confession?

There is much more. Much more. I encourage you to think about personal and corporate worship and how God might use it to minister to believers and reach out to those who do not yet believe.

I am looking forward to working on my backstroke. Blessings