Who gets to eat

They came in to the dinner we were having for the swim team. Uninvited. Football players. They just got in line, thinking we might not notice. (We did. Most football players are bigger than most swimmers). I was the designated bouncer.

"You on the swim team?" "Sure" "Tell me the truth!" " We finished football practice and just thought....." "Out you go!"

It happened two or three times. Two boys made it through the line and ran with food. They were not our people, not invited to sit at our table. And besides we really thought we would not have enough food for those who came to the first swim meeting, so we were being cautious.

After all had eaten, there was a bit left...just a bit. I walked outside the cafeteria. Football players hanging around. I recognized some and one who had not tried to crash. I signalled for him to come over. "Had dinner yet?" "No sir" "Come on in." I helped him fill up a plate.

Then I thought. "You have to be invited to the table by the one who is giving the feast. You have to be called. It is not of your own initiative. You can not barge in, He has to invite you."

Maybe the invitation comes after all others have been fed, but coming to the table as a guest of the Master is worth the wait.

Thank God He walked outside the cafeteria and invited me back in. Tonight I am remembering, it is His banquet, He chooses who will eat, and I am a grateful beggar at the feast. Crumbs or more.