Marvelous Light

We sang today in church about His marvelous light. That is an underused word isn't it? Marvelous. It has a rich texture about it. It is smooth and silky. There is something almost "chocolatey" about it.

Reminds me of the movie "Chocolat." A marvelous thing happens when grace flows into a town, a family, a life. Some are resistant, but grace marvelously overwhelms all eventually, like a river running gloriously.

The fact that His light is marvelous is an added richness. It is not fluorescent bulbs at a gas station. It is deep and warm and it glows. It is more like a candle than an incandescent anything. It is so alive that you can even smell the light when you walk in the room. Marvelous.

OK: Homework. Use it in a sentence three times this week. (And you can not say to someone, "You look marvelous!!")

Worshipwell this week as you walk in His marvelous light.