House of the Lord

Consider this an email. If I said, "Hey, hope you are well. Interested in going to the home of Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-Fil-A, this weekend? (substitute Bono for you U2 fans)"

What would you say, given you could clear your schedule? "Yes, of course I would!" Then you would begin to think, "What should I wear, what will we do, what will I say, what will he say? Should I ask him about his business? Should I mention to him I have some desires and he may be able to help me? Would that be rude? Do I need to go to the club and work out? Get my hair done?"

You know where I am going. And I am inviting you to come. I am going to the House of the Lord. You can come as you are, but I encourage you to ask some questions and think abit before you do. "How should I dress, what will I say, what will He say, can I ask, should I tell.....?"

The house of the Lord. A good place to be invited to for the weekend.