Once a king

I met a man today from China. Mr. Bao. His family ruled China for 300 years until the time of the Cultural Revolution. Then they lost everything and eventually fled the country to Australia. Somehow Jesus found him.

So he went back. After ten years, he went back to China. To the place they had stripped him of what was rightfully his. He went back to build a business and share the love of Christ. His family did not. But he went at great risk and cost and is now part of the house church movement there.

The world needs Mr Baos. Men who go back to where they had been to share the gospel in a tough environment. Estimates are that 100 million Chinese have come to Christ. That is only 10% of the population, but it is growing. The Lord is using men like Mr Bao to establish His kingdom.

Tonight I am praying for India and China and America. That God would raise up Baos to share the gospel. That we would be Baos. Would you join me tonight and pray? Blessings