Confessing for the Cup

We have been doing some thinking about communion. Having a bit of a high church background, I like the idea of coming forward for the bread and wine. There is action in that. I also like the idea of real bread and of a time to pray with and for someone. I love the idea of a chalice.

In a few weeks we will have communion on the weekend. It is hard to serve 2,000 people in a few minutes and make it meaningful, but we are trying to think. Stations? Candles? Singing? Readings? There are alot of options that fall well within the bounds.

One thing we can not do too well is prepare you ahead of time. So here you go, Hear ye, Hear Ye! Communion will be served October 27 and 28th. Today is the 3rd. So you have 24 days to prepare. Now, I would not start too early, but I would put a post it note up somewhere for the 23rd or so. That would be a time to begin.

What should you do? Read, think and pray are all standards. Then there is confession. It may be close to impossible to get "deep confession" in just a few minutes in a service. Not impossible, but hard. So, I want to encourage you to confess before you come. Set a date on the calendar. Personal and private confession. If you have an accountability partner, you might even dare to confess a bit to him or her. That could be a healthy way of preparing for the table.

Confession somehow makes me hungry.