Dr Pepper

A long time ago, Dr Pepper, the soft drink had a promotional campaign. Not only were you asked to be a "pepper" but they encouraged you to drink one at 10a, 2p and 4p. 10-2-4. It was even written on the label as I recall. Good suggestive advertising. "What time is it?" "10a" "Oh, time for a Dr Pepper."

Our family has been in 1st Corinthians this fall for morning devotion time. Today the second part of the 15th chapter. "And if Christ has not been raised , our preaching is useless and so is your faith." Simple. Blunt. If Jesus did not rise from the grave all of this is worse than silly. In fact Paul goes on to say, we are to be pitied more than all men. We would be pathetic.

It all hinges on the resurrection. As I prayed, I asked God to give us good recall of that today. At 10a or 1p or 7p. That it would just pop into our minds, "Ah yes, Christ was raised from the dead, so there is a resurrection!" If we can cling to that thought, have it marinate our hearts, minds, and actions, we will live differently. I find I forget that fact during the day and I live, shame on me, like there is no resurrection. Paul addresses that type of thinking. He says it is bearing false witness.

So as you head out today, 10-2-4. Remember Christ raised from the dead and your resurrection to come. Worship Well.