Are you worth it?

As I am thinking about worship this evening, I am reflecting on our culture's view of worthiness. You have more worth if you have certain things. Job, house, looks, brains etc. The problem is all of us look to others and see their worth and we compare it to ours. They have more and the world whispers in our ears, "You can catch up!" So we try.

We may also look at those who have less. We fear we will slip and become like them, so we try harder. Hard work is helpful, but not to gain the Christian view of worth. In Matthew 8 the centurion sets the record straight. He says, "I am not worthy." Now, I know it is important to love your self and have self esteem, but that is different from viewing yourself as worthy. The centurion had self esteem and loved himself and others. But he knew he was not worthy.

So, he went to the one who was and is. Jesus. When we recognize our worthlessness, then we can say with Henry Williams Baker, "I am not worthy, holy Lord that thou shouldst come to me; Speak but the word, one gracious word, 'twill set this sinner free."

Jesus is worthy and he is the one who can fill with love and power "this worthless heart of mine."