The Other Potter, not Harry

My friend Jennifer Potter, who is the Associate Minister at Wesley's Chapel in London has written a book with Leslie Griffiths called "World Without End" and she was kind enough to give me a copy. As I read it I thought, "There is more here than what meets the eye and the authors know it." Let me unpack that.

Jennifer and Leslie, in an incredibly succinct way, put on the table issues we don't like to talk about. Rwanda, Bosnia, international crime syndicates, the environment, and how Christians respond, are informed or not as the case may be.

Not your usual Sunday lunch conversation. The world has changed alot in 100 years and nation states are not what they used to be, nor has the philosophy of "nations united" been everything we had hoped it could be. We as Christians are called to be wise to the times and engage in a way that is helpful.

That is hard when you are busy doing life in suburbia. Who has time to think about international trends when you are working, cleaning house, taking care of kids, cars and the lawn?

Well maybe we should have some time for it. The world is complex and things are happening that Christians should be "players" in. That will take us getting educated, working to understand other cultures and analysing complex issues. And maybe slowing down long enough to think while at the same time speeding up enough to do something.

Jennifer and Leslie are humble to know they do not have all the answers, and maybe they do not even have all the questions, but they have done a great job of getting some puzzle pieces on the table and saying to the rest of us, "Bring the pieces you have and lets talk, swap, re-shape pieces together and discuss solutions to the issues the world faces."

A good thing for Christians to do I think.