Bring your best

We are at a worship conference this week. That is why my blogging has been irregular. Hillsong. I want to write a few things down before I forget and maybe because they will be helpful to all of us.

1. I am reminded that Sunday (or Saturday) we come together to worship GOD. The Living God. God Almighty. The One who died to save us. The Redeemer. GOD. It is not an event on our calendar, it is not a casual thing. We need to bring our very best to the house. Heart, voice, listening ears, willing to change spirit. Our best. We need to create the best worship we can. The best. I have mentioned before the Anglicans use the best wine. The best. To do that we need to plan and pray and think. And confess and work. Our best is what is due God.

2. I am reminded that this generation is made up of all people who are breathing. From 1 to 100. The church is all of us.

3. I am having a new thought about open source. That is based on a book I am reading. The general idea is taht often, many people are smarter than one.

4. Augustine said our lives should be a Hallelujah from head to toe. We have (not just much,) but everything to be thankful for. Everything.

5. Our feelings get the best of us most of the time. We need to learn to agree with God that His word is truth and act on it. Then our feelings will catch up with us. (Not to say we should not lament, but we must not wallow.)

I am doing some good thinking, a good time out for me. I want to encourage you (busy as you are) to take some time and read and think and reflect on what others are saying, even if you do not theologically line up with them.

By the way, Hillsong United (the young band) is amazing....not just talent, but heart. I encourage you to iTunes Saviour King. Blessings.