Armor Bearing

Heard a good message today from 1 Samuel 14. Jonathan and his armor bearer. They engaged the enemy with great success. The success was found and finalised in the Lord. The speaker talked about how we can be faithful armor bearers for those we serve and that, if we are leaders, we should think more about leading like Jonathan did then Saul. Good thoughts, but I left thinking that, although we should look to others for example, we need to look through them to Christ, or Christ in them.

Jesus said the whole book was about Him, so I hope we all read it in light of that reality.

Christ was and is the armor bearer. He follows the Father up the hill and they do battle successfully. He served to death and was then exalted. If we are to follow others, we would like them to be men and women who follow Christ. If not, as may be the case in the workplace, then we are still called to follow, but not emulate in all things. Christ may use leadership over us to further His aims and to refine our hearts and that is good. If we are leaders, we won't always be Christ-like, so we again need to look to Him for forgiveness, and to those who follow us.

Remembering Christ is our head, when we are under leaders whose head He is not, is wise but hard to do. So I encourage you to rest in Him and fix your eyes upon the glittering armor of Jesus.