Come Together

John Lennon wrote it, "Come together, right now, over me." The story goes that Timothy Leary was going to run for president and asked John to write a campaign song. Leary gets arrested for drugs, there goes his campaign and John adds some verses that in some way describe the other Beatles, with the chorus of "come together."

I was reflecting this morning on Hillsong, Presbyterians, Catholics and Baptists. I had recently stood at the graves of John Owen, Isaac Watts, John Bunyan and Susanna Wesley in a Dissenters cemetery in London. That may have been where the song began as a soft whisper. It came to my mind again this morning.

Over the last week I heard some teaching that we would say was not reformed and covenantal, but, it had some good points. In fact, much of it pointed to Jesus. I am coming to find out that "they" are not as far out as I thought. Owen would have disagreed with Wesley and Watts with Bunyan. They had alot in common and they lived together what they believed together, although never relinquishing their distinctives.

Somehow, they heard Jesus saying, "Come together, right now, over Me!"

I think Lennon was right when he wrote, "One thing I can tell you is you got to be free!" Jesus is freedom and those in the kingdom are called to be encouraging to one another, even if theological squares do not line up, and learn to see the heart of mission and service. Not to say we should abdicate key doctrines. We are who we are and what are convictions call us to be. I have just been encouraged this last week to be less critical of "them" and more loving towards the mission of coming together, right now, over Him.