Sacred Space

I had the joy of being at a large church today. Very old and very large. Lots of people there. In one corner there was a small wooden door. My group walked through it and entered a side chapel. We found ourselves all alone. Quiet. We closed the door behind us and all of a sudden the noise was blocked out. We contemplated. We prayed. Then Laura led us in singing "Holy, Holy Holy" It echoed. We sounded beautiful.

I am sure thousands have gone before us in that chapel and prayed. In the quiet, with the stone walls and wood floors absorbing and reverberating the sound of the prayers of the saints at the same time. A quiet space, a sacred space. I wonder if you have one? A place to go and sing and sound good. Maybe a nearby small church, a chapel, a deck or a closet.

We found it helpful. To slow down, close the door and to worship like that for a moment. Then we opened the door and entered back into the "big church" with everyone else. A sweet moment that still lingers even as I write.

I encourage you to think about finding a space. Maybe gather a few friends; just a few. Enjoy and Worship Well. Blessings