It happened again

We worshipped well last night. I don't often mention that when I blog on Friday, because every Thursday night we worship well. Last night was no exception. Laura and Allan led as Luke and I produced. The tech team did what only they can do and together we made an offering of praise to the Lord. We love to have guests come, you are welcome any time just to see how we do it.

Most Thursdays we have a few people who are not on a team, but just come to sit and listen and learn. Last night was no exception. An elderly lady, a woman visiting a choir member, a mother of a member of the worship team, a friend. Scattered around the sanctuary. Most people get a seat and watch, some sing along a bit. I tend to bounce around. In the booth, at the monitors, on the stage, in a seat.

As the evening progressed, I could feel it. The Holy Spirit beginning to grip hearts. As the worship team did a top to bottom run through, a young woman stood up and began to really sing. Hands and heart held high. The choir was moved. I was down front and I found myself worshipping. LE began to weep, the friend, me, the choir director.

Then it ended. The song was over. Silence. I walked on stage and said, "I think you got it, or better said, He got you" She wept. I said, "Where do you want to go from here?" She said, "We are done." We all prepared to leave.

We were done. Spent. We worshipped Our God and we were finished. We could do no more and no better. But, we will be back. Saturday 4p. And by the time some of you come at 6p, we will have worshipped well again.