We have an older home that has nice wooden framed windows. Each window has a total of eighteen panes and each pane has a rectangular piece of glass about 7" by 9" inserted into it. We like them, however, they do not reflect the gospel community.

To be in the gospel community, you can not be rectangular, or square, or even round. The community does not fit together that way. To be in the community you have to be a broken piece of glass. Yes, you may have jagged edges and you may cut someone else (or be cut) in the community because of them, but if you claim to be a "whole piece" of glass, you will never fit in. It is a mosaic we are looking for here.

My friend Ingalil fits in, so does Martin and Allan and Barbara and Pat and Jeff. I do too, some days. Other days I think I am a whole pane. Those days, I am really just being a pain.

Last thought: The picture is framed, lets not forget that. The Carpenter sees to it that the frame is made whole and of rugged wood. The kind that ages well.