Have we begun?

This weekend one of the songs we will use to worship is Laura Story Elvington's "We Have Not Begun". She writes, "When our songs have been sung and praises proclaimed, we have not begun to tell of our God."

She does not mean that totally, but it is a good word picture. As I am preparing for the weekend, I am thinking that we have sung praise and at the same time not much. In the scope of the magnificent sweeping narrative that God is writing across the universe for all time, we have not really begun to worship Him.

I can sometimes think I am further down the road then I am, that more has happened. The reality is that very little has happened since the time of Jesus. Hang with me for a minute here. Jesus. He was the "big event." He made it all happen and the good news is nothing else needs to happen. We do not need to have alot of angst about conquering lands or converting people. Jesus. We do not need to press hard down the road to gain another mile of hard fought, hard won territory. Jesus. We do not need to overachieve and win at all costs. Jesus.

We can rest in Him and praise Him, knowing that we will not get very far down the road with even that in this part of our eternal lifetime. We have just begun.