The Lord is There

I have finally finished Ezekiel. Here is the last verse: "And the name of the city from that time on will be :THE LORD IS THERE."



Washington D.C.: THE LORD IS THERE

As reflect on it, I think that it will be good when the signs to the cities are changed. Instead of the sign on I-85 coming from the airport saying, "Shirley Franklin welcomes you to Atlanta" it will say, "Jesus welcomes you to Atlanta: THE LORD IS THERE.

Actually I do not know how that will work, but it is good, I think, to daydream a bit about the life to come and then to apply those future thoughts to present realities.

I am not thinking in our lifetime Atlanta will become "The City of Jesus" but I wonder how we as believers can leave the impression "THE LORD IS THERE?"

Perhaps by how we serve and live and treat other people. Maybe it will be in the way we give to those with less or the way we speak the truth in love. It just might be how we handle conflict in our community as well as outside of it. I think there are many ways for us to leave the impression of "THE LORD IS THERE"

One day He will be and as we think and dwell and even yearn for that, it should cause us to worship Him as if it had happened. We should press on and live as if the King had arrived. Worshipwell.