He leaned

I was at the back of the sanctuary. Service had started, the first song, and they walked in, him and her and baby in a stroller. A bit flustered; late. They set the stroller at the end of the aisle and grabbed two seats. As Eric moved to the second song, I could see it: they engaged in worship as individuals. Two separate people worshipping. By the end of the song though, something happened. And he leaned.

He leaned over to her and said something in her ear. An apology? An "I love you? hard to tell, but it moved her. She gave him a smile as they continued to sing. He put his arm around her waist for a second. Then they worshipped "even better." They worshipped as one.

Worship. It does something to the soul. It brings repentance (that is what I think it was because it has happend to me before). It brings a smile. Drawing close, to whisper something in the ear of the One you love. Worship moves.

So, next week, when I come to worship, I will remember that sight. I will draw near to Him and whisper as repentance comes upon me, and He will smile as worship draws me near. And I will worship even better. Blessings