The Lights Mean Something

All the lights on my dashboard came on. SRS, ABS, Brake, Park Brake, Battery and a few others. Because I am not skilled to understand (as Aaron Shust would say), I thought this: "Must be a switch or fuse, because I just got my brakes done and I know my parking brake is not on. This is an old car, must be a little glitch that does not mean anything."

When my car stopped on the side of the road two days later, I learned the lights all coming on meant something. The alternator belt had snapped. I had been running on battery power and finally the battery gave out. I was stranded, and I had to call for help.

So, I am more skilled now, and less naive. When I have an indication that I my car has a problem, I will go directly to the shop. It did get me thinking though about signs that indicate you need help. Could be you are a bit snippy with others, could be you are just less enthusiastic then you were. Or maybe you are just not caring. Signs. I sometimes find myself running on "Randy Power." No need for me to be hooked up to anything. That is stupid. Eventually I sputter and run out of juice.

The good news is I can call for help. I know where to go to get rejuvenated, checked out and cleaned up. My car is at a place like that this morning. Me too. In the Word. In Prayer. The lights mean something. Blessings.