When Death Comes

A man I knew died today. A father, a husband, a grandfather. He was loved. I will comfort the family through the funeral in the next few days. As I meditate tonight I am reminded of a song we used this last weekend at Perimeter:

"There's a stirring deep within me,
Could it be my time has come?
When I'll see my gracious savior,
Face to face when all is done.
Is that His voice I am hearing?
'Come away my precious one'
Is he calling me?
Is he calling me?
I will rise up, rise up
And bow down
And lay my crown
At his wounded feet"

We will friends.....all of us. I want to encourage you tonight to tell your loved ones you love them and to share the good news of Jesus with those you really care for (and maybe even with those you do not because you care for Him) Soon, He will call you. Rise up even now. And worship Him well.