Sin Cries Out

Sweet prayer time this morning. I was thinking as the day went on about sin. We are called to crucify the flesh. As Owen says, when we nail our sin to the cross, it cries out. It is miserable and it cries out to us. Wanting us to let it off the hook. Very conniving.

I remember having young kids and putting them to bed, only to have them cry and call out unnecessarily. If you have had small kids, or babysat, you know the kind of thing I am talking about here.

Anyway, one of our daughter's was strong willed and would scream for us to get her out of her crib. Often we made the mistake of going back in to get her, "reason" with her, or try something else. Finally we got it. We had to leave her in there and let her scream. Ignore her. That was hard to do. To listen and not react. We stuck with it and eventually she stopped.

Sin. Take it to the basement and crucify it by the power of the Spirit. It will scream, and cry, and implore you to take it down, or to come down to the basement and visit it. Don't go in the basement! It is like a horror movie. Bad things will happen. Resist the evil one. Put your sin away, nail it to the cross and then run to the Father. Jesus will deal with it. Don't be tempted as you listen. If you are tempted take the thought captive to the mind of Christ.

Remember you are free! Blessings

Stay upstairs and dwell on what is above, what is lovely, what is pure.