I was able to minister to a family today as they buried their father. We held a chapel service and then went in a processional to the cemetery. As we got to the cemetery it began to thunder. Fortunately, we finished before it rained. It was a hard and sad day.

When I got home, it rained. I mean poured with high winds knocking down large limbs and small trees. It was violent. At one point I thought a tree might come through our deck doors, they were swaying so violently. When it was all over, I went outside to check the damage. Limbs and trees down. A cable to our house was hit by a limb and ripped partially out of the side of the house. Nothing that is not repairable.

Storms come. Quickly. Suddenly. Sometimes violently. Sometimes the sound is worse than the substance. Sometimes the devastation is overwhelming.

God is a storm. He decrees and will have His way. We can not stand before Him, we can only bow down and pray for His mercy. The wise man builds his house upon a rock. The Rock.