I said it once!

Those of you who know us, know we have a new dog. A bit unruly. We enlisted the aid of a trainer (Dorothy did). I was against spending $ but, I led my family by letting her lead.

Worth every penny. Every penny. Not that Millie is perfect. But we are better. Part of the training was to coach us on how to work with her as the trainer would.

Example: Now we say "Sit!" We say it once and only once. If she does, great, if not, we give her a tug on the collar, but no more verbal commands. She sits. Now she knows and hears the verbal command, but her free will resists it sometimes and our sovereign rule has to step in. There are consequences for not keeping the commands.

We have other verbal commands but the consequence is always non-verbal. No screaming. Always a tug on the collar with one exception. I wrote recently about her not releasing the ball when she returns it. She does now, or we wrap a part of her lip around a canine tooth and squeeze just a bit with no verbal command after the initial one.

Verbal commands. Words. The Word is living and active. His laws and precepts are to be kept. He is not going to say it again. He is not going to write a second book. He is the best Trainer. Obey the beautiful law or in a loving way you may receive a tug on the collar. We call that a consequence. Pray that it happens as soon as you do not respond and that you listen to correction. His rebuke is gentle.

Last point. It all reminds me of discipleship. You need it and if you are a leader with some "unruly dogs" I encourage coaching. Even if you are an old dog who has done it for a while. He can teach old dogs new tricks and He can remind old dogs about tried and true tricks.

Worship Well.