Kickball Anecdotes

Before others have a chance to write their version of history, I thought I would report on the 2nd annual Worship, Arts and Academy picnic and kickball game (amongst other things)

It just came out of my mouth. As I was standing on second base with two outs, the kicker kicked a pop-up. I knew to run on two outs, and I yelled, "I got it" as I ran. Whoops. It was a bit unsportsmanlike in hindsight as they dropped the ball, thinking "I got it" was one of them, and I scored.

Now here is the good news. The judge (Jeff) called me back. He could have called me out. (Although I am thinking the official kickball rule book does not have a clause to address this.) But Jeff was lawmaker. We all had to abide by his decision. So back I went. I may be banned from next year's game. I think Jeff is forming a comission :)

We had a great time today (in service and out on the field).

I was reminded tonight that the Judge can call us back when He likes. When we say things that are inappropriate, think things, do things. Whether we understand it or agree to it. He is the lawmaker. He could call us out, but instead, He just has us back up a bit, maybe so we can see His glory and our sin.

By the way. A great worship time today. Bob, Laura, Allan, Ronni, Choir, Darcy, Susie, Band. A beautiful day. As I said in one of the services, that was not us. That was God. Beautiful.