Going, going....

Well, we are a few days away from the end of our prayer season. Going, Going, Gone!

I have the pleasure of leading Tuesday morning and Sunday night and I am looking forward to those times especially. I mentioned over the weekend it has been a sweet time, especially for me as a couple of the "four on the floor" guys have showed up. Sweet memories.

I hope we do it again. I was thinking recently that other religions tend to have a regular season in the year "for prayer." I think that can be a good idea. Other religions have similar thoughts. Islam has Ramadan, Buddhists have prayer wheels, Judaism the Feasts. Perhaps Lent?

There is something special about the community coming together to pray. It reminds me of the pictures we see in the old and new testaments. God's people coming together day after day. Adoring, Confessing, Thanking Him and Asking.

I encourage you to come, or come again. If you are a reader in one of those other cities, I encourage you to think about asking your local church to think about it. I would love to be helpful. Blessings