Check Engine Light

At 208,000 miles, it could have been a new transmission or just “the end” for my 1992 Volvo. When I went from first to second it kind of "jumped."

I took it to my local mechanic. He is more than that though, as we have been together now for many miles. It is a relationship; albeit one I prefer to be irregular. In addition to the trainy, I also had the “Check Engine Light” on and a rattle under the right front of the car.

He could have said, “That is it, the transmission is gone!" but he didn’t. He did a little thing under the hood with a cable and another something somewhere else and fixed both. No charge. Then he replaced bushings on the right side of the front of the car for a fair price.

Integrity has value. To simply speak the truth has real value. “Here is what you need and here is what you don’t need.” How many miles do you have? Maybe you are young and have just a few thousand, but they have been hard miles. Maybe you have a lot, but the road has been relatively smooth. Maybe your “Check Engine Light” is on. In any case, He will tell you just what you need and, what you don’t need. Simple truth.

There is no new car coming. Not for me. Not for you. We have what we were created with; it just needs to be redeemed and then refurbished. Only the Master can diagnose what ails you and give you what you need to travel more miles down the road with maybe a few less rattles and a more secure transmission. The Check Engine Light will come on for all of us from time to time and that is a good thing. Don’t just keep on driving. It is time to pull in to the Authorized Dealer for a checkup.

For some of us, our relationship has been irregular. Go anyway. He will be glad to see you and as inexpensive as my mechanic is, even though I am an “irregular”, Jesus is in fact less costly to go to. “Come to me!” He says, “All who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest” No charge because the price was paid.

Worth a visit and, when you get there you will find that He is worthy of praise and admiration for his character, His love and His ability to see you for who you are and give you what you need.