We have decided to use 1 Corinthians for family devotions for this semester of the school year. I encourage families to have a morning devotion, even when kids are young (say age 3 and up).

Now I am sure you know that as I exegete the text, translate the Greek, reference several commentaries, draw my own thoughts out of a passage, after which I pray fervently for each family member, the church, the world and the second coming, the children are caught up into the seventh heaven. NOT.

Five minutes, maybe seven. We read, we share a bit, we pray, we leave. Dorothy and I would say it has not been "quality" but we are willing to settle for "quantity." And some times, like this morning it sticks in our heads and makes an impact on our day.

In 1 Corinthians 2 Paul says, "I resolved to know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified." That gripped me in light of the booklet I am giving out at the men's retreat, "The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards." He was noted for resolving to do better and try harder, but all of it was aimed at knowing Christ and it was possible only by the grace of God.

So today I am thinking, "Any resolution I make, any promise, any oath should be made with the end in mind of knowing Christ." Other resolutions are meaningless and purposeless. All things are designed by Christ and for Him. Not just trees, people and the world but; our promises, our future, our relationships are designed to point to Him, to glorify Him.

So, Resolved: "To make every promise, every plan have at its heart a sign pointing to Christ"