The Psalter

We used The Trinity Psalter today in worship. Good stuff. There is something about poetry that touches the heart when read. The psalms of course are full of poetic language. When it is set to rhyme and read well it is a wonderful experience.

So, I am thinking about writing some poetry. My friend Jim writes Haiku every Wednesday and he has consistently inspired me. For those of you who are "opposite brained" from the poets and artists, maybe a word picture will help and encourage you to stretch.

I worked for an engineer once and when we would get together to talk about issues, if a calculation needed to be done, instead of using a calculator, he would work the problem by hand. When I asked why, he said it kept the mind sharp.

I think the same is true with language. If we use cheap words and slang all the time our minds will be dulled. Want to sharpen your mind, your ability to see in your mind's eye the beauty of God? A simple "ditty" as David's grandma says, may not do. Rich weighty language exercises the mind, heart and emotions. So I encourage you to get some vocabulary, write some poetry and enjoy the beauty of our great language.