Donkey Kong King

Listening to NPR the other day I heard of a man who was the new Donkey Kong King. Evidently, he was out of a job and wanted to have purpose in his life. He heard about the record, which had stood for years and wanted to break it. So he began to work at it in his garage.

Over time, he achieved the record. Only problem is the former record holder just broke his record. As I drove along with my daughter she said, "That is stupid." Well, I do wonder a bit about going for a Donkey Kong record, but I suppose many people want to be the best at something, or at least excel.

So I can understand this man wanting to do this. And I can understand the former record holder challenging because he had lost his claim to fame. I wonder if Hank Aaron could, would he swing a bat again? There is a sense of "it is my record." Easy to see why someone would think that, and view it as their identity.

Identity. We all want it and our souls will not be satisfied until we have it. When our identity is over shadowed, we will search for another, bigger one. Making ours bigger makes us a little god. And that is a step away from God.

I wonder what record you might want to own. Where do you keep score? Where is your identity found? A good thing to look for to see if the big G God is there and if you can relax the pursuit for the next record for identity, finding your identity in Him. Something to ponder. Blessings